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FAQ about Tanzania safari

Yes, you do need a visa to visit Tanzania. You should apply online before arrival to avoid inconveniences. Please ensure you passport has at least six empty pages and is valid.

Children under 16 years traveling to Tanzania WITH FAMILIES do not require a visa.

Can we pay using a card or dollars?

Yes, this mode of payment is acceptable in all safari lodges. It is also possible to pay for extra meals at restaurants or malls and shopping centers using your visa card. Cash payment is also, however the exchange rate to the dollar at the time will apply.

Tanzania enjoy good weather and shares fairly similar weather patterns. We have the long rains between April and May during which a food number of camps close temporarily due to the impassable road conditions and some for renovations. Between June and September, we have the wildebeest migration happening in Serengeti and Masai Mara.

With the current situation of the pandemic will are working with a 0 % deposit for any safari reservations. We are refunding 100% payment for any safaris not taken due to restrictions. We do have contracts which we abide to with the third party stakeholders which are hotels. We therefore advise that you inform us as soon a you realize that you will not be able to embark on your safaris.

We do have an East African Visa that you can get to travel through Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. If you want a safari combination to this three countries, then this is the best way to go. Unfortunately, this visa does not include Tanzania, and you have to get this separately.

Kenya and Tanzania safari has a good number of professional multilingual guides. This service comes free if they are our guides. However for the languages that we have to hire a guide from outside, it comes as an extra cost. However we negotiate the rates to make them as affordable as possible.